Concierge, meet Creative

Digital Piece of Mind partners the catered experience of a digital concierge with the social tendencies of a creative agency. Our team is dedicated to an immersive technological experience that takes the hassle out of going digital, facilitating the process between hardware, software, and social media. We carefully curate stories, design robust brands, and obsess over metrics, creating dynamic campaigns that capture attention and create compelling meaning with a definitive call to action.


Over the last 10 years, we've transformed the lives of numerous individuals by rethinking the antiquated foundations of information technology. We found that technology is its most compelling when it works. We customize the hardware, software, and teaching curriculum to the needs of each client.

We design systems that work, so our customers feel unhindered by interfaces and ever-changing software updates. We believe in empowering our customers with technology when they need it, and making it vanish when they don't, so they can focus more on living a more balanced life that's focused on the stuff that matters.