Digital Piece of Mind is a logistics company for the digital, social, and creative needs of individuals and enterprise.

How We Do Business

A different model for a digital age that's always changing


The technological realm can be overwhelming but doesn't have to be. Personal shopping to find the right product(s), catered tech lessons, custom setup, and never-ending patience are just the beginning. It's now possible to subscribe to digital peace of mind.



Book design, web design, videography, storytelling, PR, and brand identity are a handful of services we offer. We've pioneered with iOS game creators and app developers, going as far as leading a team to create one of the first 10 Google Glass Apps in 72 hours, receiving coverage from Mashable to Venturebeat.


We believe that beautiful content should work in tandem with extraordinary form. We focus on interesting and engaging social campaigns, which have carefully created messaging that changes contextually, adapting to different mediums.


The question we seek to answer is: How can the digital world add value to my life when I need it and vanish when I don't?

Digital Piece of Mind is the brainchild of Jeff Kell. If you don’t know Jeff, he’s a rare brand of geek, connecting his eccentric and creative personality with social skills and mind-blowing technological prowess. Kell has a range of specialties from marketing to hustle. If you’re curious what I mean — look up his 105 Conversations. I’ve witnessed his innovative branding, marketing skills, and endless ambition. He advised me many times, as I launched games on the Ouya gaming system, getting 118,000 views on our demo trailer and being featured on The Verge. He’s big into building systems that just work, whether it’s on a website, tablet, phone, or computer.
— Ross Serrett, Co-founder & CEO, BFA Games